Management Coaching

What is Coaching?

Tim Gallwey wrote “Coaching is unlocking people’s own potential to maximise their own performance.” Good coaching is facilitative. It is helping the individual to learn rather than teaching them. And its success lies in how this is done. A good coach doesn’t tell, but uses listening, questioning and a variety of other skills, techniques and styles.

Nowadays, many companies use coaching as one of their development tools and the great majority of these organisations believe that the many benefits of coaching programmes go even beyond the original goals set!

What are some reasons to work with a coach?

  • A period of transition e.g. a new position
  • A general desire to accelerate results
  • Stress due to a lack of knowledge, skill or confidence
  • Work and life are out of balance

What are some of the benefits from coaching? Individuals and companies have seen improvements in several areas:

  • More self awareness and awareness of others
  • Improved performance and interpersonal skills
  • Increased confidence
  • Greater effectiveness and satisfaction
  • Higher revenue and productivity
  • Better communication and teamwork

… just to name a few

Business Englisch plus Coaching

For anyone who’s interested in business English training in a one-to-one situation

Why not take your business English training a big step further by adding coaching? It is especially in the one-to-one training situation that time is often spent talking about issues and challenges at work or in life. In Business English plus Coaching, you work with an experienced language trainer who is also a qualified coach. You get the benefits of real coaching with a coach while you improve your English skills. Two benefits at the same time!

Business Coaching

For advanced speakers or native speakers of English who are interested in coaching

Would you like to work with a coach and accelerate your performance? If you’re an advanced speaker of English, why not take your English skills and yourself to the next level and try out some real coaching? Coaching can help you move away from old and difficult situations or behaviour and can help you develop new skills and get greater job satisfaction and work life balance. Sustainable change!

DISC Psychometric Profiling

“Character is in the long run, the decisive factor in the life of individuals and nations alike”

Theodore Roosevelt

How well do you know your own personality? And how well do you know your team? DISC is a valuable tool for self-development as well as for teamwork and relationship building. Our coaches fully understand how to use the DISC Profiling system. Work with us to get the full benefit of this powerful tool!